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Q. What is no – poo hair care?

A. What is No-Poo Natural hair care? No-Poo hair care is eliminating shampoo from your hair care
routine. Curly/ Ethnic Hair types are more prone to dryness. Dryness can translate into split ends and breakage. Many women with curly / kinky hair are beginning to use conditioners as a their only cleansing step (yes, conditioners can lift dirt and debris). When you follow this with deep conditioners and rich leave-ins your hair will feel supple, soft – healthy.



Q.What makes caring for curly hair so different from caring for other hair types?

A. Because of the curl or wave pattern, the body’s natural process of hair follicle lubrication is challenged – scalp oils have a hard time migrating down through the tips of each hair shaft. Hair moisturizing ingredients therefore play a much larger role in curly hair care.  Continued dryness can often lead to damage and breakage. Curly hair usually benefits from conditioners and leave-in stylers that have moisturizing ingredients.


Q. Your store has a weird name. What is Lakshmi anyway?


Read here for a history on Lakshmi: Goddess of Wealth and Beauty.



Q. Do I really need to spend this much money on hair products?

A. Here’s my experience- when I consent to pay a little more so I can use higher end haircare lines – my hair flourishes – thrives and I don’t struggle with hair damage and breakage. Conversely, when I find myself using lower end drugstore hair care
brands – that’s when my hair develops damage and split ends. 
The more I commit to using
quality products in my regimen, the more 
my hair thrives and the better it looks.

Q. Why can’t I return an item I bought?

A. An item that you bought and sampled but now would prefer to return has already diminished in value  – we would be unable to sell it to anyone else. As a relatively new business we simply can not absorb the cost of reselling an item  we purchased as new but is now used and of lower value (market wise).