Thanksgiving 2017 Reflections

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Thanksgiving 2017 Reflections

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This Thanksgiving there’s a lot to be grateful for. Tops on my list is Nappy Headed Jojoba and her YouTube video that included several of our products. Shout out to Nappy Headed Jojoba – thanks for using your video blogging platform to share the news about my products. Right now in this country there’s a fair amount of political turmoil and conflict so it’s all the more important to appreciate when individuals are gracious, generous and are coming from a place of goodwill.

Something else that I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving is that I had the chance to see the new John Leguizamo play that’s currently on Broadway called Latin History for Morons. Big shout-out to John Leguizamo! John Leguizamo took something painful, frustrating and puzzling and weaved together an educational one-man show from all of it.  It definitely made me rethink Thanksgiving as he raises the awareness of the impact that Thanksgiving had on the millions and millions of Native Americans who lived on this land as long as their people can remember.

That brings me to something else that I’m grateful for – the awareness of my Native America  family background. I am part Cree Indian on my mom’s side and part Black Cree Indian on my dad’s side. And I always grew up having heard the story of my grandmother’s, grandmother Grandma Jemima who was a known herbalist. Grandma Jemima always had herbs in her backyard and herbs in her kitchen and her remedy and solution for respiratory illness, stomach problems, all manner of things were often herbal. Grandma  Jemima left a lasting legacy of the value and benefit of herbs and how we can always avail ourselves of them if only we choose because of her I grew up in the most urban place a kid could grow up – New York City  – in a herbal-centric household  (thank you Mom!)

So on this holiday weekend I wish the very best for all of you folks who frequent and shop our store brand. Hoping that all of the things that you all are grateful for only amplify in the New Year!



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