Unintended Cliffhanger – The Session With The Stylist

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Unintended Cliffhanger – The Session With The Stylist

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Date: July 2010

Unintended Cliffhanger: The Session with the Stylist 

My last posting left off with me getting a shaping haircut at Christo’s Salon in Manhattan, NY by stylist Tameeka McNeil-Johnson. The results….I am super happy with my haircut. She was totally faithful to the treatment plan we agreed upon at the time of the consultation: minimal trimming, gradual removal of existing layers; retention of my existing bangs. She was not overly chatty but instead went studiously about the business of detangling and evaluating my hair – which was fine with me (I personally prefer conversation that arises naturally to customer service forced chatter). I was particularly glad that I weekly treat my hair with Aphogee’s keratin 2 minute treatment because my hair was strong enough to sustain thecomb detangling (a little rigorous compared to my finger detangling that I’ll admit would take too long in a salon setting).

After shampooing and conditioning my hair, Tameeka (with the help of an assistant) applied Curlisto’s Deep Therapy Masque – my new favorite product! This masque is combed through the hair and left on for about 5-7 minutes. I was amazed at the reconditioning effects it had on myhair. My hair was left sleeker, stronger and softer with just that short application. Once the masque was rinsed out Tameeka applied Curlisto’s repairing styling crème and a blend of their Structura gel and Control II gel. She then raked them through my hair and elongated my curls a little. The end result was very workable. My tight curls had some definition and bounce. (I did take pictures but they didn’t come out particularly well). Best of all in the 2 months since the haircut my hair has been much easier to manage.

Because the cut is so well shaped I don’t have to have perfect curls every day. They more or less fall into place and are far less maintenance (no more errant curls springing rudely from my head). So my report is that I am very happy with my haircut. The mutually agreed upon plan is for me to return for another shaping cut in November/December – before Tameeka (who is pregnant) gives birth. I highly recommend both Tameeka as a stylist with curl expertise and Curlisto’s Deep Therapy Masque as a protein treatment.

 – Ayana Phillips