The Return Visit

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The Return Visit

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Date: 10-19-10
The Return Visit

So today I had my second haircut with Tameeka of Christo’s Hair Salon. Now to let you know a little about me, I am famous for one night stands with hair stylists – there was the guy at Saks Fifth Avenue senior of High School, then that woman I had appointment with freshman year in college – the list goes on and on. I think I have commitment phobia with hair stylists. Why take the chance on someone when it’s just as easy to care for my hair myself? Me and my hair usually get along just fine – why add a third person to the mix?

So here I am reporting that I returned to a stylist – have I matured….grown-up? Can’t say for sure but I can report that I’m glad I went for my 5 month follow up trim. I was super grateful that Tameeka was able to squeeze me in this evening (I had scheduled way in advance since she is going on maternity leave soon but had to reschedule as I realized friends were visiting from out of town). Initially we had thought I could go 5 months between shaping cuts but now I see that my cut starts to lose its shape after about 4 months. She had my hair shampooed with the new “Natural Coils” line cleanser developed my Christo. This was a nice change in that it is sulphate free unlike the Curlisto shampoo. Interestingly enough, my hair must be stronger since my initial visit because this time as she and her assistant combed the conditioner and leave ins through my hair there was very little shedding (Yeah!).

Basically she trimmed very little – just maintaining the overall style/ cut, raked down my curls to lengthen them a bit and let them dry under a hood dryer. I could see my hair had grown as she measured out my curls on each side – making sure they hung evenly. So it seems like I have found the stylist I can trust my hair and its healthy maintenance to….sweet.

– Ayana
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