Surrendering Control of My Hair To A Stylist

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Surrendering Control of My Hair To A Stylist

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Date: June 2010

The Overdue Haircut….aka Surrendering Control of My Hair to a Stylist 

Several summers ago I was at a retreat where we played a game of musical chairs for adults with a twist – the person without a chair was not eliminated but instead had to say 1 thing about themselves that was embarrassing and then everyone who had the same issue had to get up from their seats and race to find a new chair. One woman’s embarrassing detail was that she hated to give up control of her hair to a hair stylist. I totally got up for that one.

I had long dreadlocks for many years and so it was never really necessary to see a stylist – I cut and cared for my own hair without needing any specialty services (color, etc…) – with great results. No one was ever as intimate with my hair care needs as I was. So now fast forward 4 years – I’ve only braved getting a haircut twice since the Big Chop. The first stylist was someone local – not recommended through anyone and she needed to blow my hair straight before cutting (burning many strands of hair as she straight combed!). The second stylist was well reviewed/ recommended at a Brooklyn salon. He gave me a cut that was perfectly fine but I paid all this extra money ($80-100 over the cut and conditioning) for “special Curly styling” only to have my hair look like a regular curly afro w/ no curl definition.

     So today I am stepping up to the roulette table of hair services once again – badly needing a shaping cut (it’s been 16 months since the last cut, wayward curls stick out everywhere – see below).
My appointment is with Tameeka of Christo’s Salon in Manhattan, NY. She was well recommended (even back when I went to the Brooklyn guy) and seemed to understand that I wanted to leave with a look similar to a “twist out” (the way I regularly wear my hair). She was very familiar with all of the products I use when I had my consultation last week, so that feels like a good omen. My appt is for later this evening, promise to report back with the results…..Here goes……….