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How It All Began

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Date: Feb 9, 2010

How It All Began
Believe it or not the idea for the online store Lakshmi’s Cupboard began on the Staten Island ferry ladies bathroom. In 2008 I had an office job in Manhattan, NY. My commute was bus, ferry, train, walking – a total of 75-80 minutes! To save time and get extra sleep in the mornings I would wrap my twisted hair in a scarf or wear a hat and board the ferry like that. Over that 25 min ride, I would take down my twisted hair, add a little Amla Lavender Chamomile Leave-In Cream as a moisturizer and fluff out my curls. I walked into that bathroom looking ghetto and left that bathroom looking fabulous! What I noticed was that I also was educating many women about caring for African American natural hair (or tightly curled hair of any ethnicity). Women asked me for product recommendations all of the time. One women even took my picture once we got off the ferry!

So in January of 2010 I opened my online store – Lakshmi’s Cupboard – specializing in hair care products for curly/ ethnic hair. I have used all the products I currently sell – and adore them! I have finally figured out my hair and how to make it thrive. These combination of products –  thick hair conditioners, moisturizing hair creams, olive oil and honey – have made my hair shiny, strong and my twist and curl hair sets last a week with no touch up twisting! The Amla Silk Deep Therapy Restorative Hair Masque has done a breathtaking job repairing damage, my hair is growing now and I retain the length. So I welcome you to test these products out for yourself here at Lakshmi’s Cupboard.